My paintings are stories about life.
In creating them, I am deeply influenced and inspired by the immediate reality that permeates our daily existence; I explore, interpret, capture, and intertwine facts of life and human emotions and feelings into my works.

My paintings are dense compositions, filled with energy and vibrancy; they transmit a strong message, or convey a sense of irony at the absurdity of contemporary life.

I work in acrylics and use rich and vivid colors; I prefer creating large scale paintings which are mostly abstract, but often there are clear references to objects and text incorporated.


I was born in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania. I moved to the US in 2005, where I currently live, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Trained in Interior Design, I started painting at the beginning of 2013 -- for the immediate creative flexibility and the spontaneous visual gestures it offered, and because I wanted to create more permanent things.


Find me on Instagram - @oanasinga